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TRB         contact : 973 - 278 - 9014(T) : 973 - 278 - 5124(F)
ANDARN  fax :973 - 523 - 2220 (T): 973 - 523 - 3140 {F)

AS9100C & ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Welcome to TRB-ANDARN

TRB ANDRAN is your one-Stop shopping for all metal finishing needs, a complete computerized and integrated manufacturing organization with quality workmanship competitive service.

TRB/Andarn is an AS9100C & ISO9001-2008 Registered Quality Management System with an extensive quality control and in-process inspection with complete engineering services including consulting, turnkey product development services and the ability to handle small / large volume and also customized jobs. All work is processed to your exact specifications.

TRB/Andarn is a customer focused and driven organization with an excellent track record of satisfied customers and fast turn-arounds. We have the ability to process certain orders the same day or the next day.

Quick quotes can be available either through fax, email, or by mail.

Electro Plating Metal Finishing Black Oxide Chemical Conversion Electroless Nickel Passivation